Benefits of self-managed Super Fund

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If using a SMSF as an alternative to a managed super fund, will soon start to see a number of benefits come to light as a result.

Taking Control

A car gives you the opportunity to make decisions about where they invest the funds. If it is stocks, bonds, property or money, you can choose exactly how much to invest in options and want to switch investments if the market changes. It really lets you get the most out of each and every situation experienced by financial markets.

Low pay taxes

Retirement levies a tax of 15% of contributions, income and payment of funds balance. Many people choose to make additional payments on your car because the tax is good what is below the calculated revenue. During the life of them can tell the thousands of dollars accumulate more.


All self managed super fund are protected from bankruptcy and other lawsuits, so if something happens to your retirement savings are safe.

Lower rates

One of the biggest benefits of a SMSF is the lower fees offered by the trustee. collect its annual dues based on your super balance, so the more you have in mind, it is the result. Rates not only increase your savings grow, but calculated sliding scale percentage. Furthermore, the rate itself is only a flat fee not to increase as you grow your retirement account.

Other benefits

* Self Managed Super funds are allowed to control the time and disposal of assets. This means that if you get a property now and appreciated by a certain percentage when you retire, you can transfer your pension fund under and you have to pay any taxes on gains from asset.

* SMSF allow for tax deductible premiums.

* No minimum quotas and restrictions on frequency contribute to a fund administered by the free super.

There is a large variety of benefits that accompany a self-managed super funds, but it is important to understand if they meet the requirements so you can get the most from your super.

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